Luke Schoener


Thesis: L’Enfant is a historical fiction short film that revolves around William Miller, a B-25 bomber crewman who is shot down over France during World War II.  The film will explore his relationship with Florian, a 10-year- old French boy who finds William in the wreckage of his bomber. After the crash, the focus of the injured soldier turns to ensuring that both he and Florian make it out of the German-occupied countryside alive. The idea of creating a World War II short film originally stemmed from attending historical car shows in the area and discussions with re-enactors.  This led us to getting into contact with the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach.  Once we were given permission to go to the museum and do test shots, we immediately started redirecting the script to involve a bomber crewman rather than a soldier on the ground.  The story that came as a result is compelling and we can’t thank the museum enough for their kindness and involvement in the project.

Bio: Luke Schoener is an Interactive Multimedia Senior with minors in Communication Studies and Photography. After graduation, he plans to get a job doing photography or video production. He has worked on several short films in a variety of positions, including being director of photography for the short documentary film, Safe Space, about the underground music scene in New Brunswick, NJ.