Lindsay Fenwick


Thesis: Visual Haikus is a cross-mobile app that addresses one of the hardest parts of writing (getting started) by matching it to the human desire to have a work of yours serve as inspiration for another artist.

– Visual artists: This app is a platform to become someone’s muse. More than getting a ‘like’ on an image, your photography or paintings could inspire poetry.
– Writers: Search moods for inspiring warm-up prompts, and create within the parameters of a haiku, which is just enough of a challenge to get your mind turning, and yet small enough of a project to avoid the pressure of creating your magnum opus. Get motivated to accumulate an archive of small works instead of spending the inspiration stage of writing unproductively.

The collaborative process creates a think-tank to inspire and get inspired, as well as the opportunity to network with artists on a micro level through artist profiles, which archive your collaborations, track your works’ stats, and can optionally be linked to larger portfolios.

Bio: Lindsay Fenwick is interested in web software development, and chose her Senior Thesis project based on coding languages that she wanted to learn or become more practiced in. She loves geometric minerals, informational podcasts, and maple coffee.