Jenna Vitale


Thesis: JobOpp is a website that helps match people pursuing a part-time job with an employer or business looking to hire. Our idea is to have each business and person create a profile that will help match them with the right job based on a few survey
questions such as: the kind of job they are looking for, how far they would be willing to travel, what is the minimum pay they would want. What inspired our idea was the way the Tinder app works to match people quickly and easily. Since Tinder was a big part of our inspiration, our target audience is anyone looking for a part-time job, but more specifically teens and college students. Our idea breaks new ground by making it significantly easier for the younger generations to find part time jobs. We plan on making the interface easy to use and similar to Tinder’s interface, but modified for the web.

Bio: My name is Jenna Vitale and I am a senior Interactive Multimedia (IMM) major here at the College of New Jersey. My minor in marketing has given me a business perspective on design, which led to the creation of my thesis project, JobOpp. Despite the diverse curriculum IMM offers, I consider myself a web designer.
Through my internships at Princeton Partners Inc and Red Bamboo Marketing, I have realized my passion for combining web design and marketing. I hope my thesis project, JobOpp will help showcase this passion.