Brett Ratner


Thesis: “Let’s Go” is a mobile application that allows people to update and view the waiting time of crowded restaurants, movie theaters, supermarkets and many other locations people commonly go. This app will enable you to make an educated prediction of how long a wait will be at your destination before you leave the house. You now have the ability to decide if a crowded restaurant is worth the wait, choose a quieter time or eat somewhere else altogether.  The very people using the app are able to monitor and update the information to keep the data current and accurate.  This app will be presented at the Showcase as a website with similar functionality, once a team is in place we will focus on creating an app for Android and iPhone users.  It’s a fast-paced world~use your time wisely!

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Bio: My name is Brett Ratner, I am a senior majoring in Interactive Multimedia with a minor in Computer Science. To create my senior thesis, I used my knowledge in java and swift to create my senior thesis as a mobile app. Complications arose which inspired me to turn the project into a website using my skills in HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and PHP, and MYSQL. After graduation my plans are to enter a career as a software engineer, or a full stack web developer.